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Public Policy
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Baltimore and Rotterdam exchange visits of city officials and administrators on an ongoing basis. They trade knowledge, participate in conferences, and develop new ideas together.


Rotterdam City Hall
Rotterdam City Hall (Photo courtesy of Rotterdam city government)
Baltimore City Hall
Baltimore City Hall at night.
(Photo: © George Hagegeorge)


Some examples of past visits:

Rotterdam vice mayor’s visits to Baltimore

In January 2015, Rotterdam alderman and deputy mayor Pex Langenberg visited Baltimore. His portfolio includes sustainability, and transport. Baltimore-Rotterdam Sister City Committee helped organize a day-long series of presentations on innovative and sustainable projects happening in the Baltimore area. In September 2017, he revisited Baltimore to speak about sustainable waste management and circular economy at the ISWA Congress.

About the visit (article on Sister Cities International website)

Rotterdam Vice Mayor and Baltimore Mayor shake hands.

Baltimore Mayor Pugh welcomes Rotterdam Vice Mayor Langenberg to Baltimore in 2017.

Other Dutch government/economic delegations to Baltimore

“Stad Amsterdam,” an authentic replica of a 19th century clipper sailing ship, visited Baltimore’s Inner Harbor March 30-April 2, 2014. A delegation of government and economic representatives accompanied the ship, including a vice-governor. Baltimore-Rotterdam Sister City Committee helped host their visit and organize a breakfast roundtable to showcase Baltimore’s techniques for supporting entrepreneurship.

In May 2014, a Science & Technology delegation from the Dutch Ministry of Security & Justice had meetings with several Baltimore-area organizations on topics like cybersecurity.

In March - April 2016, the Stad Amsterdam ship returned to Baltimore. The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), Netherlands Embassy, and the city of Amsterdam organized a series of events on the ship. This visit was part of the first annual Light City Baltimore Festival. A delegation of smart lighting businesses, social entrepreneurs, and government officials from Amsterdam met with Baltimore-area counterparts, and NFIA provided a seminar on doing business in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam smart lighting delegation visit to Baltimore

Light City Baltimore festival website

In March 2019, Stad Amsterdam ship returns to Baltimore with a delegation of flood resiliency experts from the Netherlands, led by Rotterdam.

About the flood resiliency delegation

Netherlands Ministry of Interior Visit to Baltimore

30 young policy advisors from the Netherlands Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations visited Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland in April 2010. In DC, they visited government and non-governmental organizations (primarily focusing on the federal level). The purpose of the Baltimore visit was to learn more about the role of governmental and non-governmental organizations in a city, the interaction between Baltimore city and the state of Maryland, US-style democracy, and how the city handles public safety and urban renewal. They also shared information about how these topics are handled in the Netherlands. 

Rotterdam City Hall
Baltimore hosted several meetings for the Dutch policy advisors, including this meeting about urban renewal and public safety at Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC).
Baltimore City Hall
Gay Legg from BRSCC leads the policy advisors on a walking tour of the Westside urban renewal initiative (assisted by Kathy Robertson from BDC).