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Quantifying Circularity for Innovation

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 / 5-6 pm

Free lecture

Morgan State University School of Architecture & Planning
CBEIS Building, Room 235
5201 Perring Pkwy, Baltimore, Maryland 21214

Circular Economy diagram: 1 Raw materials 2 Design 3 Production/Re-manufacturing 4 Distribution 5 Use/Consumption 6 Reuse Repair 7 Collection 8 Recycling/Regeneration - Then circle back to step 2 or 3.

About this talk

There is wide consensus that without a rethink of how materials are used in the current linear ‘take-make-dispose’ economy, the virgin stocks of several key materials appear insufficient to sustain the modern ‘developed world’ quality of life for the global population under contemporary technology. It is therefore necessary to move towards an industrial model that decouples economic growth from material input, by using waste and bio-feedstock as inputs for industry: the Circular Economy. The focus of this talk is a new methodology that can steer industrial actors towards innovations and effectively decouple economic growth from material input.

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About the speaker

Photo of Francesco Di Maio

Dr. Francesco Di Maio

Professor at T.U. Delft in the Netherlands

Since 1999 Francesco has been involved in research on Waste Separation, Recycling, Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy issues. He has been the project coordinator of numerous European projects focusing on those topics. Francesco is the author and co-author of a several publications in the fields of Recycling, Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy.

More about Dr. Di Maio

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